Free community events

On Saturday, 28 March at International Hotel Iasi.
The events are free, all you need to do is register until 24 March and then wait for our confirmation
*Hands-On experience, you need your laptop.
Registration & Confirmation is required

Saturday, 28 March, 08:30

Working effectively with Web API Core 3.1

All you need to know about: API Setup, Performance tips, integrations, testing, templates



Saturday, 28 March, 13:30

Asynchronous and parallel programming concepts using C#

Real hands-on experience workshop about asynchronous and parallel programming concepts using C#



Saturday, 28 March, 08:30

ELK Stack for beginners

This workshop focuses on how to use the ELK stack to build an end-to-end system for monitoring and log aggregation.



Saturday, 28 March, 13:30

Infrastructure as Code for beginners

Terraform is powerful and one of the most used tools which allow to manage infrastructure as code in various cloud vendors.