The Good Pressure Edition

DevExperience 2020 The one with The Good Pressure - Technology and meaning, for local impact

This year, we are determined to do even more good together at the fifth edition of DevExperience that will take place in Iași, between the 26th and 28th of March. If you dream about improving the world with the help of technology and you wish to join this movement, then your seat is already booked or, by the end of these lines, after understanding what it is all about, you will definitely want yours.

DevExperience 2020 means 3 days of networking, consistent speeches and up to date workshops that will gather over 600 IT enthusiasts and 14 international IT experts as speakers. Discussions will be engaged by 2 main topics and 3 captivating tracks: Architecture, Security & Cloud Native.

This year`s edition is focused on the concept of Good Pressure Edition - Technology and meaning, an approach that aims to emphasize the role and importance of every individual in the development of technology. DevExperience 2020 displays a leading and active purpose by tackling the most appropriate measures for the IT area to better serve the community and respond to the environment. Consequently, discussions will focus on the following trends: green pressure, anti-burnout measures and multi-experiences that are currently increasingly demanded. Therefore, DevExperience 2020 aims to answer questions such as What relevant things can companies do for the community and for the environment? or How can technology better work for the common good?
The event is an ideal opportunity for the IT community of Iași to get a refresh at the beginning of the year, as well as to adjust to a current reality that requires attention and actual action, for a further positive impact.

Are you already thinking about what cool stuff you would like to find on the agenda of DevExperience 2020?
We believe you might be considering the following:

What is the agenda of the conference?
The 27th of March begins at the International Hotel in Iași, at 8:00 in the morning and will end up around 6:00 in the evening. A fun and socialising session will follow up at the traditional party: Put your Geek Party shoes on!
Here you can find the detailed agenda of the day!

Who are the speakers?
The event will host national and foreign top IT professionals, like Mathias Verraes - Independent Software Consultant, Nicky Wrightson - Principal Software Engineer @ Skyscanner or Cezar Romaniuc - Technical Lead @ Mambu.
Here you can check the speakers that confirmed their presence so far.

What workshops can I attend?
On Thursday, 26th of March, at Wantsome headquarters (Centris Building, on Colonel Langa Street No. 17), there will be 3 workshops you can choose from:
DDD Modelling vs Implementation with Mathias Verraes (Independent Software Consultant)
Advanced Kubernetes Production Debugging with Andrew Martin (Co-Founder @ Control Plane)
A builder's guide to API security with Philippe De Ryck (Founder @ Pragmatic Web Security)

Who are the partners of the event?
Basically, they are friends of ours and of the community, from IT and mass-media sectors.
Here you can find the complete list of partners.

Will there be free events for the community?
Of course! The 28th of March is dedicated to community events: free events for IT passionates from Iași, in order for them to upgrade their skills and to enrich their experience.
This practical part of the conference is provided by partner companies, that are genuinely willing to help and support the community.

Now, if you are wondering where you can find tickets, we have the answer for that question as well.Take them while they're hot, and come meet some really great IT specialists .
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Save the dates: 26th to 28th March for DevExperience - The Good Pressure Edition – the days when we start to do good together!