Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz: I am exactly where the action is!

DevExperience 2020 combines all necessary elements to provide a perfect platform for all participants to: get the knowledge they need, find the performance they pursue, meet the expertise to guide them and, of course, discover the motivation to achive all that while enjoying the process and having plenty of fun.
Seems rather huge and complicated? Well, not necessarily, if you have the right people by your side.

So, in the following lines, let`s get a quick glimpse at how our expert guest on security, Christian Wenz, will rock with Good Pressure this year`s edition of DevExperience. First, let`s get to know each other a little bit!

About childhood career dreams and professional expectations

My father was a judge and published a few law books, so I also wanted to write one eventually. That did work out. As far as my early childhood career dreams are concerned, Frankly I don’t remember. Probably, as I chlid I considered becoming a professional soccer player or astronaut, which I both didn´t even come close.

Your IT journey so far and how it witnessed major IT change

I must confess that I made a rather unconscious decision at the beginning, when establishing to focus on the web and related technologies. That seemed not to be very clever at first, given the vast differences between browsers and the limited feature set. In retrospect, my decision was very good, since now everything somehow runs on the web, and I am exactly where the action is.

How do you see the evolution of IT in 2 years from now?

I believe that more and more processes of companies will become digital, and Atwood´s Law still holds: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

What do you expect from DevExperience`s attendees this year?

First of all, I should say that I still have very fond memories of the 2019 edition of the conference, meeting many friendly and interested people. I basically had no breaks all day, because there was always something going on – other interesting talks, interviews, many, many conversations with attendees, and so on. Obviously, this set the bar quite high; I hope and am convinced that this year´s conference will maintain that level of energy and fun.

How does IT work mingle with your other passions?

Honestly, I try to avoid having IT-related hobbies, maybe apart from open source contributions. I am an avid concert goer and I love to travel.

How do you think people with non-technical background perceive your job?

Since I work from home office a lot and speak at quite some conferences, descriptions usually include “lying on the couch” and “living la vida loca while travelling”, both of which is not the reality (unfortunately).

After getting to know a little bit about his person, now you are ready to discover why and how Christian Wenz on the Security Track and Good Pressure make a perfect match at DevExperience 2020. And who doesn`t love perfect matches? Find bellow a few hints on what is in store for the atendees of this amazing edition.

Since this year DevExperience is focused on the concept of Good Pressure Edition - Technology and meaning, an approach that aims to emphasize the role and importance of every individual in the development of technology, we seek to better understand the actual role of technology today. Therefore, sharing ideas and exchanging examples defintely supports this endeavor. Let`s see what Christian Wenz reveals on that matter.

How does your company support and improve the local community and the environment?

Technology-wise, I am always happy speaking and supporting local user groups. The company has quite a significant CO2 footprint, which we fully compensate. I am quite pleased how we managed to cut down our consumption, but this is a journey with no end in sight.

What are the good deeds your company is contributing to?

Actually, I would not consider them as “good deeds”, but rather just things that are common sense to do: we support a few non-profits, in terms of monetary contribution, as well as with know-how.

What is, in your opinion, the main priority for technology to improve the welfare of community?

I’m only good in a few things, including technology, so that’s what I would need to use to meet the “as soon as possible” criteria. I am a fan of Open Data, so providing convenient access to publically available information is something I consider extremely useful for all. I’ve helped with apps and software for that, and believe that this will continue to have an impact.

Coming down to Security issues, your area of expertise, what are 3 key novelties and gaining insights you will share within your talk at DevExperience?

Firstly, take into account that nine out of ten web applications have security vulnerabilities. To even have a chance to become number ten out of ten, you need to know what I will present in this session.
Secondly, you will both see old attacks with new twists, as well as novel approaches to hack a web site.
Thridly, and most importantly, you will learn how to defend against many web application security risks.

What are the technological skills mandatory for those who want to attend your talk?

If you are a web developer, you meet all the prerequisites. If you are managing a development team, you will get a glimpse of what your team needs to look out for, and requires time to defend against.

What will they effectively and practically gain in their everyday work after attending your talk?

I hope that web applications will become more secure, making them better for both the developers and the users.

So, if you wish to get most valuable insights on security matters and learn how to become more proficient in your work, the DevExperience track with Christian Wenz is precisely the place to be. Don`t forget that, in addition, this edition of DevExperience is focused on the Good Pressure concept so you will also grasp new approaches and ideas on how you and your company can better contribute to community in terms of technology development.
Have you already booked your seat at the conference? Be part of the experience! You too, be where the action is!