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Susanne Kaiser

Speaker: Susanne Kaiser

Talk: Microservices Lessons Learned

The journey from monolith to microservices is different for every organization. A variety of challenges come with introducing microservices itself, but also organizational circumstances impacting the transformation that needed to be considered.

In this talk Susanne would like to share some lessons learned from a microservices journey from a startup perspective - and in hindsight, what to watch out for if starting the journey again.

Andreas Grabner

Speaker: Andreas Grabner

Talk: Top Performance Challenges in Distributed Architectures

While microservices and containers promise to deliver endless scalability it doesn't mean we automatically get high performing code in these distributed application architectures.
After analyzing the top performance bottleneck reasons for all 2017 we saw familiar patterns such as excessive service roundtrips, bad connection pooling, missing cache layers or simply sending too much data between service tiers.

In this session Andreas will show you how to quickly pinpoint potential performance bottlenecks - even without executing large scale performance tests.

Tudor Teodoru

Speaker: Tudor Teodoru

Talk: Building Architectures that Deliver

Regardless of the application architecture (monolith, microservices, or other), an application that is delivered must comply with the quality attributes (performance, scalability, maintainability, etc.).

Architectural goals and constraints may all change independently of functional expectations.

Introducing metrics and fitness functions in the continuous delivery pipeline can provide continuous feedback for architectural conformance.

David Schmitz

Speaker: David Schmitz

Talk: Event Sourcing - You are doing it wrong

"Every microservice get's its own database and then use Kafka" is a typical and naive advise, when reading about eventsourcing. If you approach this architectural style this way, you will probably have a really awful time ahead.

Eventsourcing and CQRS are two very useful and popular patterns when dealing with data and microservices. We often find in our customer's projects, that both have a severe impact on your future options and the maintainability of your architecture. Presentations and articles on both topics are often superficial and do not tackle real world problems like security and compliance requirements.

This combination of half-knowledge and technical confusion leads to many projects that either refactor back to a 'non-eventsourced' architecture or reduce eventsourcing to a message queue.

In this talk, David summarizes his experience while applying eventsourcing and CQRS accros multiple large financial and insurance companies over the last 5 years. He covers the Good, the Not so Good, and the 'oh my god...all abandon ships!' when doing eventsourcing in the real world...and shows how he solved these issues.