Community events

On Saturday, 21 April at Hampton by Hilton Iasi.
The events are free, all you need to do is register until 16 April
*Hands-On experience, you need your laptop.

Saturday, 21 April, 09:00

AI Workshop: Using Neural Networks for predictions in .Net by Levi9

We will be taking a look at Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and SiaNet to construct a neural network that can make predictions based on existing data. We will be looking at some of the theory of neural network development, as well as data manipulation and preparation, writing and training a model and some possible applications.



Saturday, 21 April, 13:30

CI/CD Workshop: Build Deploy !Pray Test (for .Net devs) by Levi9

Hands on experience with setting up and using CI/CD tools + how to automate E2E tests on your API business flows.



Saturday, 21 April, 09:00

Performance testing workshop: Charting the unknown by Mambu

Performance testing: Charting the unknown will consist of the following steps: Analyze the business, Stage the test environment, Create the tests, Text execution, Analyze the test results, Reviewing own performance tests and Report results and defects



Saturday, 21 April, 13:30

REST API testing using RestAssured by Wantsome

In this hands-on workshop we will try to see how we can test and validate REST services in Java using the popular library RestAssured and we are going to use Hamcrest for the assertions.