Workshop: Continuous Delivery With Jenkins X, Kubernetes, And Friends by Viktor Farcic

Date: Saturday, 20 April

Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic is a senior consultant at CloudBees, member of the Docker Captains, and author. He has coded in a plethora of languages (excluding Fortran)—Pascal (yes, he is old), Basic (before it got Visual prefix), ASP (before it got .Net suffix), C, C++, Perl, Python, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, Java, Scala, etc. His current favorite is Go. Passionate about DevOps, microservices, continuous integration, delivery and deployment, and test-driven development, Viktor often speaks at community gatherings and conferences. He published The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit: Automating the Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containerized Microservices; The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm, and the Test-Driven Java Development. His random thoughts and tutorials can be found in his blog.

About the workshop

Jenkins X, an open source project introduced to the community by CloudBees, enables the rapid creation, delivery and orchestration of cloud-native applications based on continuous delivery best practices and the proven Kubernetes platform.

By combining the power of Jenkins, its community and the power of Kubernetes, the Jenkins X project provides a path to the future of continuous delivery for microservices and cloud-native applications.

Jenkins X is Jenkins and additional best of breed tools and software for Kubernetes. It provides an interactive command-line interface to instantiate applications, repositories, environments, and pipelines and orchestrate continuous integration and continuous delivery.

It is the CI/CD solution for development of modern cloud applications on Kubernetes.

We'll explore how to create a fully operational continuous delivery pipeline using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins X, and quite a few other tools.


For this workshop we will need a fully operational Kubernetes cluster in one of the cloud providers of your choice: GKE, EKS or AKS. Follow this link on how to setup your account and tools:


This workshop will cover the following topics:
  • What Do We Expect From Continuous Delivery?
  • How Do We Accomplish Continuous Delivery?
  • Intro To Jenkins X
  • Creating A CD Cluster
  • Creating A Quickstart Project
  • Importing Existing Projects Into Jenkins X
  • Creating Buildpacks
  • Understranding GitOps Principles
  • Improving Local Development
  • Creating Pull Requests
  • Promoting To Production

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