Future Technologies Track

Sven Sauleau

Speaker: Sven Sauleau

Talk: WebAssembly becoming the biggest platform

The problem is, JavaScript isn't a very good compilation target, because it simply wasn't designed to be one.
This is how WebAssembly was born!
I will explains some internals, giving a quick tour of the WebAssembly instruction set, memory and security model, and finally how you can use it today in your web application.

Mark West

Speaker: Mark West

Talk: Building a Smart Security Camera with Raspberry Pi Zero, Java and AWS

A key advantage of the IoT is that it enables you to expand the potential of constrained devices by giving them access to the computational power of The Cloud.

In this session I’ll share the story of how I transformed a lowly Raspberry Pi Zero webcam into a Smart Security Camera (with motion detection, threat detection and alert notifications) by combining open source software with cloud based image analysis.

Attendees can expect a short introduction on how to set up their own Raspberry Pi Zero webcam and a demonstration of how I used Java with a range of AWS API’s (including Rekognition, Lambda and Step Functions) to help my smart security camera distinguish between an unwanted guest and the neighbours cat.

Anastasiia Voitova

Speaker: Anastasiia Voitova

Talk: Don’t waste time on learning cryptography: better use it properly

Crypto in our lives: why you shouldn’t spend time learning all the details of the crypto-algorithms. Typical mistakes you make using crypto in your products. How to avoid late night commits, but to code 'fast and boring' instead.

The typical engineering workflow "we should protect the data, what shall we do", and possible mistakes.
What is "boring crypto", what do we want from using crypto-products.
Possible solutions: HSM / TPM / software crypto.
How to select appropriate software crypto: libs, systems, containers.
We want crypto to be similar to the Edison lamp: controllable and boring system.

Bianca Buisman

Talk: Machine Intelligence at Google

Machine Intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics in IT. The reason stems from the seemingly unlimited use cases where machine learning can help: from fraud detection to self-driving cars.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Being pioneers of machine learning and deep learning, Google deployed it across a wide variety of use cases in order to achieve their aims.

In this talk I will go over Machine Learning techniques used at Google, as well as how many Google products use it.