Frontend Track

* more speakers to be announced shortly
Eva Lettner

Speaker: Eva Lettner

Talk: Paint the WEB with CSS. On creating art with code.

As developers, we view code as one thing: a tool to build our projects with. But what if I told you that it can be so much more: CSS can be a paintbrush and HTML your canvas. In this talk, you will learn the basics of creating pure CSS images. You will find out everything about shapes, how to use less markup and why gradients are not just pretty, but pretty useful too. All these learnings will be brought into real life projects to show that nothing you create for fun has to be useless.

This talk will inspire you to view code differently and maybe even to create your own CSS drawings.

Vladimir Novick

Speaker: Vladimir Novick

Talk: Building data driven mobile applications with React Native and GraphQL

With the rise of both React Native and GraphQL lots of developers ask how to use both of them for building data driven mobile apps.
React Native is a perfect choice for mobile app development and it works very well with GraphQL powered backend. In this talk we will see how we can build React Native application that is powered by GraphQL. We will understand benefits of using GraphQL for server interaction and how we should integrate our GraphQL queries with popular state management systems.