DevOps Track

Viktor Farcic

Speaker: Viktor Farcic

Talk: The Ten Commandments Of Continuous Delivery

Why did your attempt to implement continuous delivery fail? There cannot be one answer that fits all scenarios. However, some prerequisites and steps should be taken in almost all cases. The chances are that you missed some, if not all, of the commandments that we’ll explore in this session.

Yury Petrov

Speaker: Yury Petrov

Talk: SRE @ Google

Google's Site Reliability team is responsible for everything from Google's internal software infrastructure, to user services like Search, Gmail, Ads, as well as the Cloud Platform.
SRE has its own philosophy and set of principles, which make reliability achievable at Google scale.
In this talk, Yury will explain what SRE stands for, what its philosophy is and show you tools, best practices and lessons learned.

Christos Matskas

Speaker: Christos Matskas

Talk: Serverless architecture with Azure

Azure Functions, LogicApps and Event Grid are that backbone of Azure Serverless. They support event-driven, micro-billing, horizontally scalable and all running on a fully managed infrastructure. Did I give it all away? This is not even half of the story! Azure Serverless is quickly becoming the go-to service for many different solutions, allowing developers to focus on what really matters, solving real world problems. These services come with a great developer story, a testable framework, local development and support for end-to-end DevOps.
Join Christos Matskas to find how to use your favourite tools and language to develop serverless, scalable, high performant and reliable solutions with the power of Azure.

Ádám Sándor

Speaker: Ádám Sándor

Talk: What Java developers need to know about Kubernetes

A big change is happening in software development.
Docker is transforming the way we build applications, while Kubernetes has grown into a full-featured microservice platform. Java-based applications always had their own packaging format (jars, wars, ears) and runtimes in the form of applications servers of different sophistication.
What can the world of containers offer for developing and running Java applications?
Beyond the fact that containers can support a polyglot environment, container orchestrators present a novel solution to getting your code running on the right servers with the right configuration.

In this talk I will show how all of this affects the development process and architecture of Java applications.