Marius Lupu

Marius Lupu, TiVo: We are Diamond Sponsor for the second year now, because DevExperience is a high level knowledge-sharing event

We`re telling you: our sponsors are shining just like diamonds! Because we have amazing partners for this journey, coming from the Diamond Galaxy! Today we present you the great crew from TiVo ship who sent their cool VP of Engineering and site leader, Marius Lupu, to give an exclusive interview for DevExperience!
Read it here and come join us and our amazing sponsors from TiVo at the third edition of the absolutely normal IT conference in Iași!

DevExperience: Why did you join DevExperience as Diamond Sponsor?

Marius Lupu, TiVo: We’re joining DevExperience as a Diamond Sponsor, for the second year consecutively, because we consider DevExperience a high level knowledge-sharing event and we love to learn new things, to grow and help the community develop by supporting its awesome initiatives.

DevExperience: How would you define the level of the IT industry in Iași and what should we all do for its development?

Marius Lupu, TiVo: The Iasi IT industry has a generous mass of specialists, even compared to other Romanian cities, people with experience and skills, with various areas of expertise in Java, C++ and others. The particularity with the Iasi IT community is that these areas of expertise were mainly given by the employers’ demand rather than having them organically grown.
For the Iasi IT market development, I think we need more product companies and local entrepreneurs, with business development done here, in the community.

DevExperience: What are the main characteristics that someone needs to work in IT and especially at TiVo?

Marius Lupu, TiVo: In order to be a perfect photojournalist one only needs 2 traits: a F8, that ensures the depth of field when shooting, and to be present. It’s pretty similar for TiVo – we’re looking for those persons who have the “F8” and are here because they want to and they choose to.

DevExperience: What advice do you have for the juniors in IT?

Marius Lupu, TiVo: No matter of what you choose to do – technology or product wise – do it with pleasure, the best you can and find satisfaction in doing things greatly.

DevExperience: Tell us a little more about TiVo `s profile and activities and also what are the values that you are following there!

Marius Lupu, TiVo: he corporate answer would be -
For the reality you need to track & talk to one of us or come and see for yourself – it’s not something you can find out in an interview and you can be sure what you’ll get Is the real deal because we, at TiVo, function on the two normal cohabitation pillars – trust and common sense!

DevExperience: What do you do for the development and the happiness of your employees?

Marius Lupu, TiVo: We support our employees in all their initiatives but so far, in the last 3 years of being here, in Iasi, this was not enough of a challenge, so starting this year, we’re approaching systematically the development dimension.

DevExperience: Tell us more about your involvement at DevExperience during the Conference!

Marius Lupu, TiVo: We promise to show you more during the conference!

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