Anca Dumitriu

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: Innovation makes us smile

From the Diamond Galaxy, we are presenting you today our amazing Diamond Sponsor from Planet Levi9! We talked with Anca Dumitriu, Country Mananger among levininers, and we got a really nice interview with her! You can read it here and find out more about the cool people at Levi9, about their opinions on IT industry and their involvment at DevExperience!

DevExperience: Why did you join DevExperience as Diamond Sponsor?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: We believe in the impact that every company, member of Iasi IT community, can have in the overall expertise growth of Iasi IT sector.

DevExperience: How would you define the level of the IT industry in Iași and what should we all do for its development?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: Iasi IT industry has seen continuous growth over the past 2 decades, which is a good indicator of its driving force. Known for their broad technical expertise, their flexibility, enthusiasm and excellent language skills, Iasi IT specialists are a reliable choice for long-term collaborations.
To maintain the competitive level, local companies need to invest in IT knowledge sharing events that will guarantee a continuous expertise growth.

DevExperience: What are the main characteristics that someone needs to work in IT and especially at Levi9?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: Passion for technology! And, in addition, to become a levininer, you should share our values: be open and fun, loyal, pro-active, flexible, and result – driven! Nobody makes impact alone. Technology, businesses, people, it’s all dynamic. When complexity, speed and change comes together only a great team can handle the challenge. In Levi9, we love that challenge, especially the technology part of it.
But above all we love doing it together. We embrace diversity, adopt agility and conduct discipline. We deliver fast, fit for purpose and as an integral part of our customers operation. Innovation makes us smile.

DevExperience: What advice do you have for the juniors in IT?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9:Before deciding to embrace a career in IT, ask yourself WHY you are doing this. The driver needs to be your passion!

DevExperience: How do you see the IT industry 10 years from now, both local and international?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: AI and ML will become the main area of interest in the near future. And this will introduce disruption in all life & business reality. Clear ethical and cyber-security regulation will be defined. The business model will switch from capacity to service and high-level consultancy. Everything tailored for cloud.

DevExperience: Tell us a little more about Levi9`s profile and activities and also what are the values that you are following there!

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: Since 2007, the Levi9 delivery center located in Iasi has brought together a growing team of young and talented professionals in an inspiring environment, based on the highest standards of excellence. We are guided by cultural values which describe the way we are: open to each other, strongly result driven, loyal, proactive and adaptive, but also informal and fun to work for.
At Levi Nine we are passionate about what we are doing every day. We love our work and together as a team we are smarter and stronger.

DevExperience: What do you do for the development and the happiness of your employees?

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: We are paying good attention to our people learning needs and their technical development. We are continuously improving the programs we develop internally, we believe in microlearning and in building a learning organization. We keep a keen eye on our skills map and we do our best to meet people interests and client business needs. Moreover we like to stay well connected to the community vibe, we share our knowhow and we like to stay attuned to what other professionals have to share.

DevExperience: Tell us more about your involvement at DevExperience during the Community Events!

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: It was a natural choice as we are committed to be a net contributor to the overall expertise of Iasi IT community.

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