Florian Enea

Florian Enea, CEO E.ON Software Development: Developing yourself doesn’t mean only technical skills, but also communication and business understanding

We start our week before the big conference with a little shining from our Diamond Sponsor, E.ON Software Development (ESD). We spoke with Florian Enea, CEO ESD, who gave us an exclusive interview for DevExperience18, so you`d better read it here and find out more about the new startup within E.ON Group!

DevExperience: Why did you join DevExperience as Diamond Sponsor?

Florian Enea, ESD: E.ON Software Development (ESD) is a startup within E.ON Group enjoying its fresh and agile approach when promoting itself as a new software house in Iasi. DevExperience is a good chance for us to explain our plans and projects and for our consultants to share their practice at ESD.

DevExperience: How would you define the level of the IT industry in Iași and what should we all do for its development?

Florian Enea, ESD: After almost a year since the company started, the conclusion is simple: Iasi is the place to be for ESD. We chose to expand here because of the level of expertise, talent and passion we find in the people we hire. Developing IT industry from Iasi in terms of quality means knowledge sharing of the innovation projects the companies and engineers are working.
In order to contribute to the development of the IT industry in Iasi, ESD will align to this strategy and invest in young engineers willing to innovate within a new software development business like the utilities market.

DevExperience: What are the main characteristics that someone needs to work in IT and especially at ESD?

Florian Enea, ESD: IT people should be like doctors, designers or pilots in terms creativity, passion and good will. IT work at ESD means more than doing outsourcing for several clients abroad. We use design thinking methodology to develop products, embedding key users from 16 countries that are using our work results in their day to day activity.

DevExperience: What advice do you have for the juniors in IT?

Florian Enea, ESD: An IT junior should look for companies like ESD that are focused and capable to invest enough resources in Iasi software industry, doing mentorship and career planning.
Juniors in IT should read and absorb as much information as possible about every stream they are connecting. Developing yourself doesn’t mean only technical skills, but also communication and business understanding. An IT professional should be versatile in terms of technology, being capable to adapt as an engineer to new and complex technologies that will be changing our lives and jobs in the future years.

DevExperience: Tell us a little more about ESD`s profile and activities and also what are the values that you are following there!

Florian Enea, ESD: E.ON Software Development is a recent E.ON group initiative. We are an Agile Delivery Facility that mainly focuses in insourcing strategic international and local developments and securing E.ON Group competitive business knowledge.
ESD believes that IT is less about doing things in a particular way, and more about moving the business forward and giving it a stronger technological advantage. We are shaping the global energy future under one of the biggest brands in Europe on energy market, E.ON, in thirteen countries.
We grow our culture in an Agile way, DevOps mindset being the backbone of our company.

DevExperience: How do you see the IT industry 10 years from now, both local and international?

Florian Enea, ESD: Developers will be consultants, capable to specialize and adapt faster to innovative technologies. We’ll see more full stack thinking even from fresh graduates.
Less code will be written, AI will expand more than we can predict today.
Local, companies will invest more in employee retention.

DevExperience: What do you do for the development and the happiness of your employees?

Florian Enea, ESD: We’re a flat organization with an Agile approach in all our departments, our employees being first of all our colleagues.
ESD prefers to invest in people training rather than hiring “certifications”.
We offer a safe and predictive career path for our colleagues, supporting their knowledge, encouraging their challenges and understanding their needs.

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